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About Quest Martial Arts

At  Quest we provide a welcoming, inclusive environment for people of all  ages and levels of ability. Taekwon-do is an excellent way to get into  shape, learn focus and self control and  most of all, have a fun time  doing it. We have friendly, experienced instructors that can offer one  on one instruction when necessary and will help you achieve things you  never thought possible. Join us on your Quest to be the Best you can be!



Menelik Kahil was born in Ethiopia in 1962. He loved being outdoors and  was always very physically active. He started following exercises that  he heard on radio programs. In 1973, with the help of a work friend of  his mother’s, he was introduced to Taekwondo and never looked back. He  practiced Taekwondo whenever he had the chance. In 1977, Menelik was  tested for his first Black Belt.

Master Menelik’s first  instructor was 5th Degree Black Belt Master Robert Walson, a U.S. Marine  posted in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Revolution began soon after that and  King Hail Selasie was overthrown by the military. The Americans were  given 48 hours to leave the country.  Due to the efforts of Master  Walson, General Choi sent another instructor to Ethiopia, 6th Degree  Black Belt Master Lee Chon Hi. Shortly after that, the ruling military  party banned Taekwondo. This did not deter the young and headstrong  Menelik, and he continued to teach regardless. He was arrested for this  crime three times: the first time he was released with a warning, the  second he was arrested for 3 months and the third time for six months.

In  an effort to break this cycle and with the help of a friend from  Taekwondo, Menelik was hired as a driver abroad. Everywhere he went, he  would seek out a Taekwondo dojang so that he could continue to train. He  eventually ended up in Canada, and in 1988 he took up teaching  Taekwondo for Grand Master Jong Park Soo, one of the pioneers of  Taekwondo. After receiving his 5th Degree Black Belt, Menelik started  his own club and continued practicing and teaching.

Menelik met  up with Master Hiron John, then a 6th Degree Black Belt and started a  branch of his club, I.L.T. Canada. With practice and study Menelik  earned his 6th Degree Black Belt.

In March 2005 Menelik became  the owner and primary instructor at Quest Martial Arts Centre and is an  8th Degree Black Belt. He is fluent in five languages, and is a role  model for his students. His patience and dedication make him an  excellent teacher, loved and admired by all his students.  



Taekwon-Do  means the Art of Foot and Hand. Taekwon-Do is not Karate. In many  martial arts, concentration is placed on the use of the hand. Taekwon-Do  places greater emphasis on the use of leg and foot, although hand  techniques are an important part of training. The leg, being of greater  strength and of greater length than the are, creates more space between  opponents, allowing more freedom of movement and efficiency of   technique. 

Taekwon-Do requires  mental as well as physical discipline. Spirit-body training in relation  to Taekwon-Do may be traced back to the sixth century. At that time a  group of warrior youths called the Hwa-Rang-Do, trained themselves  bodily and spiritually for the defence of Korea. Training included that  of bow, spear, sword and hand and foot fighting techniques such as Soo  Bak and Taek Kyon. The Hwa-Rang-Do exercised spiritually and physically  by training mercilessly with the elements of nature, swimming rivers and  climbing mountains. 

General Choi  Hong Hi developed and systemized techniques such as those of the  Hwa-Rang-Do. In 1945 when Korea was freed from Japanese occupation,  General Choi continued his scientific and historical investigations of  the martial arts, unhindered. 

On  April 11th 1955 Taekwon-Do received official recognition and was  acknowledged as part of Korea's culture and tradition. It is now an  international sport and is practised in schools, universities and  military bases in 200 countries throughout the world